School Level Program Admissions
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Master Online Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Become a practical leader at any level of government. Earn an MPA online in as few as 18 months. Scholarships available.
Syracuse University Master Executive Master of Public Administration
Prepares professionals for the challenges of leading organizations in the midst of dynamic global change.
American University Master Online Master of Public Administration and Policy
NASPAA Accredited. Graduate with your MPAP in 24 months.
The University of Texas Permian Basin Master Master of Public Administration (Online)
Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.
Drake University Master Online Master of Public Administration
100% online MPA. Finish in 2 Years.

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Master's of Public Administration programs can help students gain more skills within many different areas of public service.

There are currently many different specialized paths for upcoming students to choose from, many of which can provide students with knowledge and expertise within leadership components related to public administration. One popular degree concentration for you to consider for your program is Nonprofit Leadership.

This type of program may be geared towards professionals that seek management positions in nonprofit agencies that can provide needed services to the public and that can make a difference in the society in which they are located.

A MPA in Nonprofit Leadership can be a great tool for pursuing higher-level positions within organizations within your community. Some of the key components of this degree program may be management techniques for individuals and groups, financial competency and management, policy development and improvement and ethics pertaining to nonprofit agencies. There may be several components present within this degree program that can assist students with building a better understanding of the nonprofit domain and how it can be affected by ample management. Read more below this section to see what you might expect after enrolling in a MPA - Nonprofit Leadership program.

School Level Program Admissions
Anna Maria College Master Online Master of Public Administration
5 tracks: MPA, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Emergency Management Administration, Fire and Emergency Services.
University of Delaware Master Online Master of Public Administration
NASPAA Accredited, 30-month online MPA program.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs Master MS Energy Policy & Climate
Anna Maria College Master Master of Public Administration - Homeland Security
Anna Maria College Master Master of Public Administration - Criminal Justice

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How Much Does an MPA in Nonprofit Leadership Degree Cost?

If you are considering the MPA – Nonprofit Leadership to help jumpstart a successful career, there may be some aspects to consider prior to choosing a school. Students interested in graduate-level education may be concerned with the cost of their education, as well as the time it can take to complete a degree.

These factors can assist you in making the right choice in terms of universities and making the most out of your effort towards a higher degree.

Arizona State University is one of the leading providers of MPA programs for students all over the country. With both online and in-person degree programs available, you may want to consider programs inside this university for your education.

At ASU, students can enroll in online MPA programs in Nonprofit Leadership. The standard tuition for students at this degree level is $12,486 for a full time semester. Students may also be subjected to fees depending on the types of services they require for their program, housing and loans.

Most students enrolled in this program can complete it in around 2 years, but students may have the option to spread their program out to accommodate for busy work schedules or other regular obligations.

Expected Coursework for MPA in Nonprofit Leadership

When you enroll in a MPA – Nonprofit Leadership program, you can begin your journey towards being a part of meaningful organizations all over the country. These degree programs can provide you with knowledge and skills relevant to the nonprofit domain, which can contribute to a better operating society depending on where you reside.

Take a look at a few of the courses below. Our team of educational experts has reviewed some MPA – Nonprofit Leadership programs in order to show you what you can expect once enrolled.

The Nonprofit Sector

One of the most important aspects of leadership within this field can include having a diverse and inclusive understanding of the nonprofit sector. This course can introduce students to the field of nonprofit organizations beginning with the development of this area. Student can potentially gain more insight into what a nonprofit organization consists of, what services it can provide and the government’s involvement in their delivery of services. This course can be a great introduction for students interested in becoming a part of this field.

Financial and Resource Management

Effective leadership can include many different topics of interests as well as many professional skills for professionals. This course can teach students more about the financial aspects of nonprofit leadership, such as budgeting, purchases and spending and employee pay and benefits. Having an understanding of accounting principles and taxation can assist in making helpful leaders within the nonprofit field.

Grant Writing for Nonprofit Organizations

Funding within the nonprofit sector may include the use of grants for different programs. In order to obtain these grants, professionals in this field should have knowledge about how to apply for grants, the right information to include within a grant application and planning associated with applying grant funds to a particular purpose. Within this course, students can learn more about what is involved in this process, so that they may be effective grant writers for their organization.

Common Careers for Nonprofit Leadership

If you are interested in enrolling in a MPA – Nonprofit Leadership degree program, you might be intrigued by careers within this field. The nonprofit sector can be extremely influential in the development of helpful social programs and services that can assist in creating better communities for all people.

This career field can be extremely rewarding for those involved, since they can witness the difference that their programs can make on people in need of guidance and assistance in everyday life. Professionals that have completed their leadership degree can pursue careers that can influence the improvement of current plans, as well as create new and innovative plans for the people they serve.

One of the most prominent positions for professionals with this degree is within nonprofit management. This career field may require that professionals have some experience working in the nonprofit sector, as well as be aware of the laws and ethics that govern this field within society.

If you choose to pursue a career in this area, you can seek out positions in social service agencies, healthcare or even with the government. Positions at this level can be highly influential and include many marketing aspects that require social engagement.

Nonprofit leadership graduates may also work in specialized fields that are involved with nonprofit activity and development. Professionals can work in grant writing, which is an important aspect of nonprofit work, policy development at the government level or even in agencies that help to promote and kick start nonprofit prospects.

Depending on which aspect of nonprofit work intrigues you as a professional, you may be able to find a position that matches your level of education and personal skills throughout your experience.

What to Expect in a Non-Profit Leadership Career

As you might expect, careers in nonprofit leadership may include many different aspects of responsibility depending on which area of specialization you choose. Nonprofit organizations can have many diverse purposes and services, which can influence the type of work you can do on a daily basis.

In order to give you an outline of some of the responsibilities in this field, our team of educational experts has sifted through some of the most popular nonprofit agencies in the United States. Check out some of the duties found within their search below.

  • Grant Writing and Planning
  • Employee Management
  • Financial Management and Allocation
  • Giving Speeches/Meeting with Community Supporters
  • Service Advertisement
  • Policy Review and Improvement

According to the list above, the job responsibilities for nonprofit leaders can be supportive of a successful business and important to providing a secure environment for current employees. As you seek out potential employers within the field of nonprofit leadership, you should search for positions that complement your personality, knowledge and skills.

How Much Can an MPA in Non-Profit Leadership Graduate Potentially Earn?

Non-Profit Leadership Versus Business Management Degree Comparison

Students entering into degree programs focusing on leadership and management have many similar attributes. These programs may have just as many differing attributes when considering degree programs in the private and public domains. While your desires should lead the way when choosing a degree program to fit your needs, you should always weight your options prior to engaging in any certain degree program.

One of the most popular degree concentrations for MPA programs is Nonprofit Leadership. Since nonprofit organizations are a huge part of public administration, students are often poised to choose a program that can land them in the highest positions.

In the nonprofit domain, students may take courses that can help them gain skills in leadership within agencies that receive funding for their operation. This can include a look into nonprofit policy, which can guide employees through working with these type of resources.

The management techniques taught in this program may be similar to that in a business management program, but nonprofit leaders may be more likely to work with public volunteers and have a more involved relationship with their community for varying purposes.

Business management degree programs may cater to the needs of individuals interested in working for big-name businesses that offer products and services to customers throughout the U.S. This program may provide some insight into business law, ethics and customer service.

The management courses within this program can help professionals gain the necessary skills to lead a group of full-time employees and interns through daily tasks within their organization.