School Level Program Admissions
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Master Online Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Become a practical leader at any level of government. Earn an MPA online in as few as 18 months. Scholarships available.
Syracuse University Master Executive Master of Public Administration
Prepares professionals for the challenges of leading organizations in the midst of dynamic global change.
American University Master Online Master of Public Administration and Policy
NASPAA Accredited. Graduate with your MPAP in 24 months.
The University of Texas Permian Basin Master Master of Public Administration (Online)
Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.
Drake University Master Online Master of Public Administration
100% online MPA. Finish in 2 Years.

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Within the field of public administration, students can be trained on how to implement government policies within public service agencies of varying sorts.

This can include the implementation of relevant public services agencies that can provide desired services to the public, such as educational, health-related or social related programs. Part of public administration degree programs may also implement studies similar to those in business programs, since most public service agencies follow the same guidelines as standard businesses.

The MPA - Finance can be a great option for individuals interested in analyzing the financial needs of an organization, providing accounting services to their agency or engaging in financial planning for better financial health.

Within a MPA - Finance program, students may have the opportunity to learn more about what type of monetary components are involved in operating a successful public service or nonprofit agency. This can include topics that touch on general accounting services, budgeting and allocating financial resources for better business development. Within the field of public administration, financial professionals may also be required to learn more about the financial policies involved with operating a public service organization, as well as ethical practices involved within.

School Level Program Admissions
Anna Maria College Master Online Master of Public Administration
5 tracks: MPA, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Emergency Management Administration, Fire and Emergency Services.
University of Delaware Master Online Master of Public Administration
NASPAA Accredited, 30-month online MPA program.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs Master MS Energy Policy & Climate
Anna Maria College Master Master of Public Administration - Homeland Security
Anna Maria College Master Master of Public Administration - Criminal Justice

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How Much Does an MPA With Finance Concentration Degree Cost?

Most master’s-level programs can include a 1-2 year dedication for most students. For the MPA – Finance program, students can expect to spend around 2 years completing their program, which can include a supervised internship prior to graduating.

The curriculum paired with an internship can help students give life to the information they might have learned through coursework in their program. One university that currently offers a MPA – Public Finance is California State University at Fullerton. This degree program consists of 39 credit units, each consisting of vital components necessary for MPA learners to absorb.

At CSU Fullerton, students can gain a reputable degree that can assist them in finding careers within the nonprofit sector. While there are many important factors to consider when choosing a degree program, students should also consider the monetary commitment of each school they choose.

CSU current provides students with transparent information about tuition and fees on their website.

The current cost each semester for this graduate program is $3,588. Students may also be responsible for covering fees relevant to their chosen program.

If you find a degree program within your intended budget, it is important to also factor in the amount of time it can take you to complete your program, as well as to consider whether or not you can continue to remain employed while enrolled. These are all consideration that can greatly affect the amount of money spent on a higher degree.

If you pursue your degree online, you may be less limited as to the number of colleges to choose from for your degree. One thing to consider is the differences in tuition for students that reside in the same state as the university compared to those that live out of state.

Some universities offering online degree programs provide a standard flat rate tuition for their online programs. It may be important to discriminate between these costs in order to get the best deal for your education. In some areas, expedited degree programs may also be available to help you complete your degree program in less time than standard programs.

Expected Coursework for the MPA Finance Concentration Degree

Budgeting and Finance

As a student of finance, you may find that having up to date knowledge regarding budgeting and finance within an organization may be your key to success. This course can help students learn techniques for providing standard budgeting services for their organization, which may include reviewing organizational activities, organizing a financial plan and implementing spending plans to members of the business team. This course can also help students remain up to date with financial regulations placed on nonprofit agencies as well as ethics and procedural law.

Government and the Economy

In the nonprofit domain, the government may hold an interest in the financial processes and elements involved. As a student in this area, you should be prepared to review the history of the government’s involvement in the nonprofit sector, as well as the current influence it plays within organizations in this field. A look at the economy may also be included in this course, which can help students see how changes within the economy can play a role in the health of their organizations.

Policy Analysis

In the nonprofit field, courses should include those focusing on the development and implementation of policies. Policies are a main source of guidance when operating a nonprofit organization, so students can benefit from learning more about how they are created, reviewed, changed and implemented within the nonprofit field. This course can help students sharpen their skills in policy analysis, which can be helpful when recommending beneficial changes within their specialized area.

Common Careers for the MPA – Finance Graduate

With a MPA – Finance, students should have skills that can allow them to proper analyze and manage the finances within their nonprofit organization. These skills can potentially lead to many fascinating and influential positions within these agencies, which can assist in providing financial services to help support the growth and efficiency of the organization’s cause.

Most graduates within these degree programs focus on positions that can allow them the freedom to review financial policies and suggest improvements throughout their daily duties.

Graduates interested in providing well-rounded services for their organization can seek out positions as financial managers. These professionals can be the leading source of approval and review for financial rules and policies within their agency, which can be extremely influential on the overall financial health of their company.

These professionals can be found in a large majority of nonprofit agencies all over the country, which contributes to why this position may be considered a great choice for upcoming professionals.

In larger organizations, graduates can choose to work in more specific fields throughout their experience. This can include positions that focus solely on the distribution of funding and grant-writing, those that are more focused on human resources and employee benefits or even those that center around tax documentation and filing. Each of these components can be vital to the success of their organization, making them potentially satisfying choices for upcoming financial professionals in the nonprofit field.

What to Expect in a MPA Finance Related Career

There may be many different career titles and duties within the financial field, but students entering into MPA – Finance degree programs might be interested in learning more about the specific job responsibilities that they may face once in their positions.

The type of title you pursue after graduation can have a great effect on the type of work you can do in the field, so always be sure to review your chosen profession prior to choosing a career path.

Below this section, our team of educational experts has listed some of the common duties for financial professionals within their field. See if these responsibilities line up to your expectations for careers in this field.

  • Creating Financial Reports
  • Allocating Funding
  • Developing Budgets
  • Employee Payroll/Benefits
  • Manage Spending/Make Purchases
  • Organize Income Documents/File Taxes
  • Analyzing Company Financial Health

Potential Salaries of an MPA Finance Graduate

MPA With A Finance Concentration Versus Accounting Degree

As you consider which degree program to choose for your education, you should consider the various components of similar degree programs in order to make the best choice. A lot of financial-oriented degree programs may be mistaken, with students considering the wrong specialization for the type of career they wish to have in the future.

The MPA – Finance program is one of many that focus on the overall financial health of organizations. This can include components relevant to the field of accounting, as well as standard business operating topics related to ethical operation and growth.

Finance programs may be the best option for students interested in providing leadership or management within their organization. Financial professionals are often part of planning teams responsible for managing funds, making plans for budget or spending and considering new purchases to help their company with growth.

This degree program can provide students with skills beyond the scope of standard accounting programs, so that graduates may pursue more influential career options in their future.

Accounting degree programs might be a better option for students with a love of mathematics and interest in providing companies with balanced income data for more efficient operation. The career opportunities with this degree program may be more focused on providing specific services, such as creating balance sheets, purchases and year end tax services.

These professionals can be the working hands that ensure an organization is operating in accordance to their budget, which can be vital to the success of the agency.