School Level Program Admissions
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Master Online Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Become a practical leader at any level of government. Earn an MPA online in as few as 18 months. Scholarships available.
Syracuse University Master Executive Master of Public Administration
Prepares professionals for the challenges of leading organizations in the midst of dynamic global change.
American University Master Online Master of Public Administration and Policy
NASPAA Accredited. Graduate with your MPAP in 24 months.
The University of Texas Permian Basin Master Master of Public Administration (Online)
Complete in as little as 12 months, six start dates a year, cost-effective tuition.
Drake University Master Online Master of Public Administration
100% online MPA. Finish in 2 Years.

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Different types of management and leadership specialization can be found within MPA programs all over the country.

Depending on the program you enroll in, the leadership concentrations may take on a specific focus that seeks to increase your skills within certain areas. The MPA - Ethical Leadership program can be a great option for students with the desire to work for public service agencies that serve diverse populations. If you might be interested in providing an ethical focus to the organization in which you work, you should consider a degree program such as this one.

Ethical leadership as a degree specialization can assist you in learning about the various management techniques relevant to public service organizations. This can include a look into conflict management, employee diversity, financial management and policy-driven leadership. Each of these topics can allow you to better understand the policies that may be implemented within your field of interest, methods for ensuring that your organization operates under those policies and the assurance of safe and fair workplaces for employees.

School Level Program Admissions
Anna Maria College Master Online Master of Public Administration
5 tracks: MPA, Criminal Justice, Homeland Security, Emergency Management Administration, Fire and Emergency Services.
University of Delaware Master Online Master of Public Administration
NASPAA Accredited, 30-month online MPA program.
JHU Advanced Academic Programs Master MS Energy Policy & Climate
Anna Maria College Master Master of Public Administration - Homeland Security
Anna Maria College Master Master of Public Administration - Criminal Justice

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How Much Does An Online MPA with Ethical Leadership Concentration Degree Cost?

College students are often seeking programs that contain preferred elements such as flexibility and convenience. In addition to these important factors, students may also be interested in choosing programs that are affordable and do not require an extensive time dedication.

The MPA – Ethical Leadership program at Marist College can be a great option for students that are concerned with finding NASPAA-accreditation within their degree, which can be a huge factor in terms of reliability.

The degree can take around 2 years to complete for full-time students

The length can be an added benefit for adult workers interested in advancing their career quickly. The MPA – Ethical Leadership program at Marist College is currently $800 per credit hour, which many students find to be affordable for a convenient and accredited degree program.

Marist’s MPA program is currently offered in 100% online format. Students can enjoy the benefit of engaging in classes through an online course room, which can allow for students to maintain current employment and manage their personal lives without too much interruption.

Online degree programs such as this one may also have the option of slower progression, which would be beneficial for students with exceptionally busy schedules. While some students would pursue better career opportunities at any costs, there are many students that still weigh the costs of a degree program against the benefits of achieving it.

Depending on the school you are interested in, you may find that the tuition rates vary greatly between schools, which can make the financial review process extremely important prior to choosing a program.

Coursework for Ethical Leadership

Leadership, Power and Influence

As a tool for increasing leadership skills and influence within public organizations, this course can help students gain the necessary skills to promote success within their careers. Theories of leadership from a current and historical context may be reviewed, as well as a look at how these theories can be applied in the real-world environment. The use of power for positive influence within organizations may also be a main issue of focus in this course. Students can take a look at ethics from a leader’s perspective in order to learn how to apply their knowledge in a way that is beneficial to everyone involved.

Negotiations and Conflict Management

One of the most important aspects of being an ethical leader may be having the ability to ethically negotiate and mediate conflict. In this course, students can explore bargaining strategies that are relevant to the field of public administration, communication skills that can increase the effectiveness of bargaining tactics and methods for delivering potential negotiations within a professional setting. Conflict management techniques may also be a large priority within this course. Protecting individual rights and privacy may be covered, as well as maintaining ethics during conflict in the workplace.

Ethical Management of Organizations

As business leaders, it may always be a priority to remain ethical in decision making and communications. This course can help students become more accustomed to making ethical decisions on a daily basis, considering ethics during change or implementation of new programs and using tools that can cater to success throughout their experience. Students enrolled in this course may take a look at the business framework, areas in which ethics may slip through the cracks and methods for ensuring ethics at every stage of a career.

Common Careers for Ethical Leadership Degree Graduates

If you were to deduce both the ethics and leadership components of this degree program, you might find that both may be extremely important within any career in public administration. Ethics can be a huge factor in determining how well an organization is operating in terms of rules and regulations, as well as how accepted it is by the public as a whole.

The leadership component of this degree program can be extremely important in creating management professionals that are aware of their duties within these organizations and willing to do what it takes to ensure their agency performs at the optimum level. If you are interested in enrolling in this degree program, you could possibly qualify for some of the most preferred positions in the field of public administration.

A degree in ethical leadership can line you up for leadership positions in the nonprofit sector of public administration, as well as in specialized fields such as healthcare management or educational advocacy.

Each of these career options may require that you evaluate the current programs provided by each organization, manage finances involved with the implementation of services and lead a group of employees during their daily tasks. If you might be interested in working in one of these highly chosen fields within society, a MPA – Ethical Leadership may be a great option for you to pursue.

What to Expect in an MPA Ethical Leadership Career

The MPA – Ethical Leadership may have been designed to create leaders that are more aware of ethics within the public environment. In careers that involve working with or in the public, professionals must abide by an ethical code that ensures all people are treated fairly and with dignity.

The ethical leader may be aware of the ethics related to working with the public and share that information to employees in a way that facilitates success. Depending on the type of career you choose in the field of public administration, you may find that your job responsibilities include general management aspects as well as some related to the direct implementation of ethics within your workplace. Take a look at some of the common duties of ethical leaders below.

  • Educate Employees on Workplace Ethics
  • Reviewing Current Business Practices for Change
  • Recruiting, Interviewing and Hiring New Employees
  • Organizing Training Programs for New and Current Employees
  • Managing Budgets/Financial Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Consulting with Hiring Levels of Management/Ownership

Average Salaries of MPA Ethical Leadership Associated Careers

MPA in Ethical Leadership Versus Nonprofit Management Degree Comparison

If you are considering a master’s program to help advance your career in the public administration field, you might be wondering what type of degree could help you get better results. Most students may be looking for specialized fields to help exhibit their knowledge and skills within a particular degree area, while others may be looking for general degree programs that can help them move up in ranks within their current organization.

Some of the most popular options for upcoming master’s students are within the fields of leadership and management. There may be many different specializations to choose from in leadership concentrations, so our team is going to look through 2 very similar concentrations to teach you more about both.

Ethical leadership is a degree specialization that can teach students more about leadership from an ethical standpoint. Most of the curriculum for this degree program consists of conflict management and decision making from an ethical standpoint.

While organizational efficiency is still an important aspect of leadership within any organization, this degree program hopes to communicate the importance of ethics to students within it. The result of this degree program can be management positions in many different public domains, such as healthcare, education and even through the U.S. Government.

Another degree program that shares some of the same values as the ethical leadership program is nonprofit management. This program may also include leadership elements and ethics found in the previous specialization, but provides more of a focus in the nonprofit setting.

While nonprofit agencies are some of the most well-known in public administration, they only provide a small percentage of careers in comparison to the field as a whole. Students interested in pursuing careers in nonprofit agencies may choose this degree program to receive the right amount of focus for their needs, while students seeking more generalized careers in public administration leadership may find it more fitting to choose ethical leadership.